Roadside Assistance provides 24/7 cover for your car, its driver and occupants in the event that it is impossible to continue a journey by road due to an accident, breakdown or theft of the vehicle. 

Breakdown cover

If you have Roadside Breakdown Assistance as part of your, we can provide you with emergency assistance at the roadside in the unfortunate event that your car suffers a mechanical or electrical breakdown or is damaged as a result of an accident, fire or theft that is covered under your policy.

If the breakdown occurred more than 2km from your home address, we will arrange for 30 minutes of roadside assistance free of charge. In addition, if your car is lost or damaged due to an accident, fire or theft, we will provide a replacement car (Class B category, 1.2L petrol engine) for the duration of the repairs, up to a maximum of 10 days.


Accident, fire and theft

If your car cannot be driven following an accident, or damage as a result of fire or theft, you can contact us via our 24 Hour Emergency Assistance Helpline, by calling 01 609 1436 or 0818 208 408. We will arrange for your car to be recovered by one of our approved repairers. If it can be driven, we will direct you to the nearest approved repairer. Having contacted us and used one of our Approved Repairers you will then be able to avail of either a Class B Courtesy Car, the cost of returning to your home address by public transportation or the cost of accommodation for one night only subject to a limit of €65 per person.

Outside the 50km radius

If immobilisation occurs more than 50km from your home address and Roadside Assistance proves unsuccessful, you may choose one of the following options when you contact us via the Roadside Breakdown Assistance Helpline: the cost of returning to your home address by public transportation, or the cost of accommodation for one night only subject to a limit of €65 per person. The most we will pay under either option is €130 in respect of any one breakdown.

Electric car

If the insured vehicle is a battery electric or plug-in hybrid electric model, we will pay the cost of bringing the insured vehicle to the nearest garage capable of effecting electric car repairs or the nearest charge point within a 50km radius of your breakdown location. If required, we will transport the insured vehicle beyond a 50km radius of your breakdown location but you will be responsible for the additional cost of that extended transportation. 

Need emergency assistance?

Zurich, along with our assistance company, provide an emergency helpline, to ensure that customers get the reassurance they need. In the event of an emergency with your car, all Zurich customers can avail of our 24 hour emergency assistance helpline by calling 01 609 1436 or 0818 208 408 if travelling in Ireland or 0808 101 7444 if travelling in Northern Ireland.

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