Zurich is offering deferred members of the Zurich Ireland Group Pension Scheme (‘the Scheme’) an option to transfer the monetary value of their deferred pension benefits on enhanced terms to another pension arrangement – this is known as an Enhanced Transfer Value (ETV) offer. This offer will be for a limited period only and will be in excess of the current scheme transfer value.

Zurich is providing an option to exchange your Scheme benefits for an Enhanced Transfer Value (ETV), which could then be invested in either a new Personal Retirement Bond in your name, or transferred to a new employer’s pension arrangement. This offer will be available for a limited time only. You are under no obligation to accept the offer; it is up to you to decide if the offer is appropriate for your circumstances.

What are my options?

As a deferred member of the Scheme, you currently have two options with respect to your pension benefits;

  1. You can retain your pension under the Scheme and it will become payable to you when you reach retirement age subject to the Scheme’s governing provisions, or;
  2. You can choose to transfer the monetary value of your deferred pension benefits to another pension arrangement – this is known as taking a ‘transfer value’.

What's happening and when?

Refer to your individual ETV offer letter for details of the offer, offer period and steps required to avail of the offer.

How do I make a decision?

We recognise that considering an offer like this can be a complex issue. Zurich has appointed an independent financial advisorto provide members with independent financial advice. You will be required to take advice from the appointed independent financial advisor before you can avail of the offer. This advice will be tailored to your individual circumstances and will be provided to you at no cost. We encourage you to take up the opportunity to examine the offer further and learn more about your pension options. Details for the financial advisor are provided in your offer letter.


No doubt you will have some questions regarding this offer. To understand the Enhanced Transfer Value offer and what options are available to you, check out our FAQs. If you have further queries get in touch with us or speak to a financial advisor.

Contact us

  • The Zurich ETV Team will answer any general queries you may have about the offer and your pension in the Scheme, however, the ETV team are not available to provide advice. They can be contacted at ZurichIrelandETV@zurich.com or by phoning 01 209 2388.
  • The independent financial advisor is available to contact for your individual financial advice meeting. Contact details are provided in your offer letter.

  • This is a no-obligation offer. If financial, economic or legislative circumstances change significantly, Zurich reserves the right to withdraw this offer before any transfer value payment is made to your Personal Retirement Bond or current employer's pension arrangement. Please read your offer letter in conjunction with the relevant schedules and ETV guide.
  • Members should be aware that a transfer could potentially impact death benefits for your spouse and/or other dependants for death benefits and this should be discussed prior to taking the offer.
  • Members will be required to take independent financial advice from the appointed independent financial advisor before they can avail of the Enhanced Transfer Value offer.