In addition to our standard cover, it is also possible to purchase optional add-ons that you may require to suit your individual insurance needs.

Accidental Damage

Accidental damage covers unintentional damage to the building or its contents. For example, putting a foot through the ceiling whilst in the attic above. You can add accidental damage cover as an optional add-on to your policy, to ensure you’ve cover for unexpected damage that’s caused accidentally. Accidental damage can be added to your home insurance, where the home is owner occupied or to renters insurance.

Family Personal Accident

Protect yourself and your family against the unexpected with personal accident insurance. Personal accident insurance offers reassurance that should you or a family member residing in the home have a personal accident this cover will provide financial support for you and your family at a time when you need it most.

Family Legal Protection

Designed to protect you against the cost of legal expenses, family legal protection is an effective optional extra under a home insurance policy.

Cover is provided for specified legal costs and the expense of legal proceedings as outlined in the Policy Booklet following specific instances such as personal injury or damage to the property and disputes arising from contracted work carried out on the property for the insured, their spouse or partner and any children under the age of 23, provided they reside full-time at the home address.

Elements of Cover include:

  • - Contract Disputes: We will pursue and defend a claim for the sale and purchase of personal goods and or services provided that the amount exceeds €150.
  • - Bodily Injury: In the case of the death or personal injury of the insured, loss or damage to the insured’s personal effects and physical damage to the insured’s home we will assist you in pursuing claims for accidental death or physical injury.
  • - Property Disputes: We will pursue damage to your home or an insured person’s personal possession, provided that the amount in dispute is more than €150. Cover extends to problems such as nuisance or trespass.
  • - Legal Advice Assistance: This may include legal advice through our Helpline in relation to the purchase or hire of goods or services for personal use, the letting of the home to tenants, the sale of the insured’s own possessions, including their home, and unfair dismissal from employment.
  • - Limit of Indemnity: The maximum amount payable in respect any one claim, or number of claims arising from an event, is €65,000.

Increasing your Excess

Another useful optional add-on is the ability to increase your excess on your home insurance policy. Your excess is a fixed amount that you’ll pay out if you make a claim. For example if your excess is €250 and you make a claim for €1,000, your payment will be €750. The standard is €250 but it can be increased to €500 or €1000. Opting to pay a higher excess is a way of lowering your home insurance premium.

Terms, conditions and underwriting criteria may apply.

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