Enjoy the fine weather but be safe. Here are some general tips to help keep yourself, your loved ones, pets and property safe during the heatwave.

General safety

  • •  Check in on vulnerable family members, neighbours and friends to see how they’re coping with the heatwave. Make a quick phone call or send a text to check in on them.
  • •  Remember some medications need to be kept at a certain temperatures. While it’s not usually a problem it might be during very hot weather.
  • •  During the heatwave, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Use high factor sun cream. Try and stay cool and seek shade. Avoid enclosed spaces and wear a hat and loose clothing if you can. If you’re feeling weak, sit down and call for help.
  • •  Also remember to look after your pets. Avoid exercising them in very hot weather between 11am and 4pm and make sure they have a shaded area to rest and get plenty of water. Some pets may need sun cream applied especially to their ears.
  • •  Keep an eye out for on weather alerts. When a Red Fire Warning is issued this means no open fires or BBQs in forests or high risk areas near populated and urban rural interfaces.
  • •  Wildfires can change direction suddenly and the smoke from these gorse fires affects your breathing and ability to see. Avoid roads near wild or gorse fires.
  • •  Call 999 or 112 if you see a fire and don’t attempt to fight it.
  • •  Check the Department of Agriculture Food and Marine notices for more information on avoiding forest fires.
  • •  No matter how hot it gets, don't forget to close your doors before you go to bed to help prevent fire spreading between rooms.
  • •  If you’re renting or providing rental accommodation, there are a number of fire safety requirements you need to know about. For more information on fire safety in rented accommodation, visit the Residential Tenancy Board’s website.

Tips specifically to help stay safe while barbecuing

When you BBQ, ensure a safe and enjoyable experience by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Never BBQ during a Red Fire warning.     
  • Always keep your BBQ in good working order, and never use it if you suspect a problem.
  • Only use a BBQ on a flat location away from trees, shrubs, and structures. 
  • Keep children and pets away from cooking areas, and never leave your BBQ unattended.
  • • Always have a bucket of sand or water available in the event of a fire emergency.     
  • • Never move a BBQ until it is completely cool.
  • • Dispose of ash and coals carefully as they retain heat for a long time and can cause fires. 
  • • BBQs can give off carbon monoxide so regularly test your smoke and CO alarms.
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