What is investment property insurance?

If you are a landlord, investment property insurance will give your peace of mind that your asset is protected should something happen.

Investment property insurance includes buildings insurance which protects the building in the event of a fire, flood or subsidence and covers the rebuilding costs of the property. Fixed items in the home such as kitchens and bathroom suites, and external features such as sheds, are also included within the definition of buildings insurance.

If you are a landlord having investment property insurance not only protects the building but also covers against any potential financial loss of rental income (up to 20% of the sums insured) following a claim.

Protecting property contents

As a landlord, if you’ve furnished your investment property it is worth considering taking out additional cover for your contents, such as furniture and electrical goods, to protect against theft or damage.

Terms, conditions and underwriting criteria may apply.

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