What is an excess?

An excess is a fixed amount you have to pay if you decide to make a claim on your policy. For example if your excess is €250 and you make a claim for €1,000, your insurer will pay out €750.

At Zurich, our standard home insurance Policy Excess is €250. However different excesses apply for certain types of claims:

Subsidence, Ground Heave and Landslip Excess €2,500
Escape of Water Excess €500
Escape of Oil Excess €500
Personal Money Excess €50
Personal Possessions Excess €100

If you have an existing Zurich Home Insurance policy you should check your Policy Schedule to see what excesses apply to your policy.

Opting to pay a higher Policy Excess of €500 or €1,000 could lower your home insurance premium. So if you’re looking to reduce the cost of your home insurance policy, you should look at what your Policy Excess is and consider increasing it to lower the cost.

Terms, conditions and underwriting criteria may apply.

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