Does home insurance cover fire?

Accidents can happen and whether you’re a home owner or landlord, home insurance is crucial as a means of protecting your building should the worst happen.

Unfortunately, fires can happen and if they spread, they can cause serious damage and even loss of an entire property. Therefore, it’s important to have a home insurance policy in place that covers you for the rebuild cost of your home and/or the replacement of lost or damaged belongings due to a fire at your home.

Our home and contents insurance protects your building and belongings in the event of a fire. We will even ensure that fire brigade charges are covered up to €2,000.

Preventing fire

In our experience, many fire claims are due to carelessness and could be prevented; for example, people leaving candles lighting or devices left plugged in. There are a number of preventative measures you can take to protect your home and limit the risk of fire.

Terms, conditions and underwriting criteria may apply.

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