Are carpets included in the contents insurance?

Building insurance protects the structure of your house and contents insurance covers your belongings, so are things like carpets included in contents insurance?

Buildings insurance covers the structure of the building and permanent fixtures and fittings such as bathroom suites, fitted kitchens and fireplaces. Under contents insurance, you should insure for the amount it would cost to replace all household goods and personal belongings as new in the home. This should cover everything you would normally take with you if you sold or moved out of the property. To make sure you cover all contents, it is best to walk through your home and calculate on a room by room basis. Fixtures and fitting costs like kitchen units, built-in wardrobes, bathroom sanitary fittings or carpets should be included under 'buildings' in the above section and not under contents. You should calculate contents cover based on what it would cost to replace the items as new today.

Accidental damage

If your carpets are fitted then they are considered a permanent fixture and will be covered under buildings insurance. If you damage your carpets accidentally, it is worth checking you policy to see if you are covered for accidental damage.

Terms, conditions and underwriting criteria may apply.

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